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Featured Speaker at Applied Biosystems 40th Anniversary

May 10, 2022

Dr. Rob Swanda is excited to have been selected as a featured speaker to celebrate Applied Biosystems 40th Anniversary - a virtual event hosted by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Dr. Swanda presented on modern-day science communication both through the lense of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as what we can all do to participate in and deliver accessible & understandable scicomm in the future!

The anniversary event took place over 3 days between May 24-26 with participants from around the world - and you are invited!


Quotes attributable to Dr. Rob Swanda:

"I am so excited to be one of the speakers at the Applied Biosystems 40th Anniversary virtual event — hosted by Thermo Fisher Scientific. I want to invite you to be my special guest to this FREE multi day event starting on May 24th . With over 40 years of technology and innovation at Applied Biosystems, this celebration is one you do not want to miss! Join me to hear more about how you can get involved in science communication."

About Dr. Rob Swanda:

Rob is an mRNA biochemist and science communicator with a PhD in biochemistry from Cornell University and Bachelor of Science & Nutrition from Syracuse University. Culminating from 10 years of studies and work, Rob’s current focus is on next generation innovation of medical device technology, engineering and accessibility of health care. Rob is passionate about making science accessible to everyone through educational communication and public speaking. In 2021 Rob’s science communication efforts engaged more than 30 million people in 100+ countries through social media as well as publications in Business Insider, Mother Jones Magazine, Coda Story, and being featured in media across the USA discussing the COVID-19 pandemic and mRNA vaccines.

For more information about Dr. Rob Swanda see or for speaking and media requests visit

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